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DelineCast - Live Streaming with CDN (Content Delivery Network)
DelineCast is a simple yet flexible solution for how to stream live video on a website. The live stream hosting platform is designed with a streaming as a service approach. DelineCast gives professional tools and utilities all featured through cloud computing and from a content delivery network in order to reach worldwide audiences.
Content Delivery across Global Network
Massive Reach
Distribute your content to millions of potential viewers on computers, mobile devices, tablets, IPTV/OTT devices and more.
Unmatched Viewer Experience
Embedded adaptive bitrate support for live and on-demand streaming. Simplify live ABR streaming.
CDN Advantages
With our CDN based Video Delivery, customers' videos are stored across our network. This ensures an extremely fast time to first byte and high throughput, resulting in an 'instant on' and an uncompromised end-user experience. You want videos to play smoothly, without stalling or choppiness.
What is CDN :
In today’s environment, a poor online experience is a prescription for failure. A two-second delay in website performance results in a 3.75% reduction in clicks. This delay also results in more than a 4% loss in satisfaction and, most importantly, a 4.3% loss in revenue per visitor.

A CDN is a highly-effective way to distribute large files and stream live or on-demand events to geographically-dispersed end users, ultimately creating a satisfying Internet user experience. We offer live and on-demand streaming services for Adobe® Flash, HTTP Streaming for iPhone® and iPad™, and streaming services for Windows® Media and Microsoft® Silverlight.
CDN Network :
  • North America : Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington DC
  • South America : São Paulo
  • Europe : Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna
  • Asia : Hong Kong, Osaka, Singapore, and Tokyo
  • Australia : Sydney